Canon Calculator LS 120 RS


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<< Canon Calculator LS 120 RS ( Auto Check ) >>
Display Type Liquid Crystal Display
Digit Display 12-Digit
Display Screen Size 77 x 19mm (Large Display)
Constant Calculation Yes
Business Calculation Yes (Cost, Sell, Margin)
Tax Calculation N/A
Check and Correct 100 steps check and correct function
Auto Check N/A
Memory Yes (RM, CM, M+, M-)
Grand Total N/A
Reverse Key (RV) N/A
Sign Change Yes
Shift Key / Backspace Key Yes
Decimal N/A
Rounding N/A
Automatic Power Off Yes (7mins.)
Power Source Dual Power (Battery + Solar)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 135 x 103 x 32mm
Weight 102g
Other Features 1. Upright Angled Display