GBC ThermaBind T200



ThermaBind T200 Thermal Binder
Ideal for general office use, the ThermaBind T200 adds a stylish ‘perfect bound’ look to documents and presentations. Using easy to operate controls, the binding process takes a fixed time of 40 seconds and there’s an integral cooling tray for completed work. Binds up to 200 x 80gsm A4 sheets in a single document or a series of smaller ones simultaneously.

A perfect machine for small office use.

– Produce one 20mm (200 sheets) A4 document or multiple bind many smaller presentations simultaneously.

– Bind Capacity: 200 Sheets

– Document size: A4

– Binding time: 40 secs

– Dimension: 365 x 135 x 85mm

– Weight: 1.0kg

– With integrated cooling tray

– 1 Year Carry In Warranty